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Tampines Mall(FOC)
Tampines 1(FOC)
Century Square(FOC)
Tampines Mrt(FOC)
Pasir Ris Mrt($1.50)
Simei Mrt($1.50)
Bedok Mrt($1.50)


Earpieces Preorder#1
Wei Wei-1 grey pill earpiece(PAID)
JingYing-1 black fruity face earpiece(PAID)

Cartoon Tees Preorder#2

FBT Preorder#2

Viviana-2 Straight-cut Fbt(Pink)(1 S,1M)

Viviana-2 Straight-cut Fbt(Electric-Blue)(m-size)

Viviana-1 Straight-cut Fbt(Dark Grey)(s-size)

Viviana-1 Straight-cut Fbt(White)(m-size)

Viviana-1 Straight-cut Fbt(Lime Green)(S-size)
Lynette-1 Curve-cut Fbt(Silver)(S-size)
Lynette-1 Curve-cut Fbt(Navy-Blue)(S-size)
Lynette-1 Curve-cut Fbt(HotPink)(S-Size)
Lynette-1 Curve-cut Fbt(Purple)(S-size)
Lynette-1 curve-Cut Fbt(Dark Gray)(M-Size)
Cheryl-2 straight-cut Fbt(Black)(M-size)-$20(PAID)
Cheryl-1 curve-cut Fbt(Dark Grey(M-size)-$10(PAID)
Sheena-1 curve-cut Fbt(purple)(S-size)-$10(PAID)
Sheena-1 curve-cut Fbt(dark Gray)(S-size)-$10(PAID)

Rock Candy Preorder#4(Opened)
Viviana-1 packet of Mixed flavour rock candy-$5

m)phosis inspired tote bag Preorder#1(Opened)
Lynette-3 black mesh m)phosis inspired tote bag-$69
Dana-1 black mesh,1 black transparent m)phosis inspired tote bag-$44(UNPAID)
Suriani-1 black mesh,1 black transparent,1 white transparent m)phosis inspired tote bag-$69(UNPAID)

July 2010
August 2010

A Round of Applause to the following
Designer: Cynna
Image: Cyworld KR
Host: Blogger
Scripts : Dynamic Drive
Written @ 3:43 AM
Pill Earpiece!
Colours available:Black-Pink,Light Grey-White,BabyBlue-White,Green,Yellow,Orange,Red-Pink,Pink-White
1 for $6

Cappings @ 0/3

SpeechBubble Earpiece
Colour available:Black,Purple,White,Red,Yellow,Brown

Cappings @ 0/3

1 for $7 Gum earpieces
Colours available:Black,Gray,White,Blue,Baby Pink,Hot Pink,Yellow,Green
Cappings @ 2/3
1 for $ 6.50

Fruity Smiley Earpiece

Colors Available: Red, Light pink, Green, Yellow, Orange, Black, White, Purple, Blue/Yellow, Orange/Yellow
Cappings @ 3/3

1 for $6.50

M&M earpiece

Colours available: Brown, Yellow, Pink, Blue, White, Red, Purple, Black

1 for $6

cappings @0/3